M14 Combination Tool


M14 Combination Tool

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We are offering an original USGI issued M14 Combination Tool. Features a mil-spec parkerized finish. Versatile tool required for disassembly and cleaning the M14 and the M1A rifles. Serves multiple functions and neatly fits in the butt stock. Tightens or loosens the gas cylinder plug, Tightens or loosens the rear sight knobs, Removes or installs the butt plate screws, Removes or installs the muzzle stabilizer, Removes or installs the M2 bi-pod, Acts as a handle for the cleaning kit rod, Disassembles and assembles the bolt, Operates the spindle valve, Pushes cartridges from a stripper clip into the magazine, Disengages the connector lock from the operating rod spring guide ruing disassembly

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M14 Combination Tool

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