M1-C USMC 1952 Sniper Rifle


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We are offering on consignment a USMC M1952 Sniper rifle.  The mounts have locking levers and square mounts with T markings which indicate an early mount style.  The scope has MC serial number on top, complete with rubber storm caps.  Optics are clear without any black specs. (see pics).  SA Stock with clear DAS stamp.  Normal dents as shown in photos.  The sling is correct but not known when installed.  Please look at the pics for condition as this is a uncommon item.  The pictures tell the story and we try to take as many pictures as possible so you know what you are buying..  TE is 3 1/2 and muzzle is 3 as measured with CMP gauges.  We are excited to offer a very uncommon rifle on consignment.  Sales tax applicable in WI and MN.  Price does not include shipping or insurance.  Insurance will be additional to normal costs.

Please do not attempt to purchase this gun if it is illegal in your state. Please know your own state laws and restrictions.If you purchase the firearm, please send a copy of your FFL or dealer’s FFL to scott@milcoll.com.

Will only ship to FFL and C&R (if eligible). Shipped UPS Insured. Continental US only.

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