Japanese Type 99 Jinsen Arsenal #70649


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We are offering a late war, Substitute Standard, series 40 production Type 99 Rifle.  These are commonly noted as ‘Last Ditch’ which is not accurate terminology.  This one was made at the Jinsen Arsenal in Korea.  The Jinsen Arsenal used quality metal products but assembly and final fitting is rather crude.  This shows the stresses on Japanese production during the late war years.  The mum has been ground but the overall metal finish retains much of the original finish.  A good example of a substitute standard for a Japanese rifle collection.

Please see pictures. I try to take as many pictures as possible so you know what you are buying.

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Please do not attempt to purchase this gun if it is illegal in your state. Please know your own state laws and restrictions.

If you purchase the firearm, please send a copy of your FFL or dealer’s FFL to scott@milcoll.com.

Will only ship to FFL and C&R. Shipped UPS Insured. Continental US only.

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