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British frog for No4 bayonet


British No4 No5 Spike Bayonet Frog marked


Early WWII USM8 Scabbard 1st Pattern Short Webbing by BM Co


Leather replacement spacers for fighting knife (Qty 3)


Original WWII M6 Scabbard for M3 Fighting Knife Milsco 1943 in Rough Condition


Reproduction German K98 bayonet frog


Reproduction KA-BAR Mk 2 USMC leather sheath


US Model 1887 Hospital Corps Knife Type 1 Scabbard by Watervliet


Vietnam Era US M1917 Scabbard by BM Co


WW2 Canadian Army Canvas Bayonet Frog for the P07 & P13 Bayonet marked GEW 194?