We are only offering a consignment service for military collectibles from local persons currently.  Firearms, equipment, bayonets, daggers, badges, helmets Etc.

We accommodate consignments of all sizes, whether you are looking to sell a single item or a large collection.

We always take very high-quality photos for posting on our website.   Your collectibles will be posted at mutually agreed prices and will be listed for sale quickly. You will receive your funds within 15 days from when the item sold.  This amount of time is needed for funds to clear, payments received and payments issued.  We will not sell your collectibles for less than the agreed upon price range of your items.

Consignment is frequently a better option than sending to an auction house or trying to sell on your own.  Auction houses need months to catalog your collectibles and get them into an appropriate auction and you carry a risk that your items will not sell for a fair price.

Our consignees will usually get a higher price and receive money much quicker than going to an auction house.

Your collectibles will be stored at one of our two locations. You are responsible to maintain insurance for offsite storage during the consignment process.

Our consignment fee is 20% of the actual sale price.  The payment you receive will have the 20% fee deducted.

Please contact us using the form below for more information.